Clery Act & Crime Reporting

Florida State University's Public Safety Department encourages all present and prospective members of the FSU community to educate themselves about the various types of criminal incidents occuring in the University's patrol zone.  This area of the website is intended to provide the public with detailed information about the collection of crime statistics, and the requisite crime reporting mechanisms established by both federal and state law.

College or university reporting of crime statistics is frequently refered to as "Clery crime statistics" or Clery reporting".  These references are named after the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Police and Campus Crime Statistcs Act. This federal law mandates the disclosure of certain statistics regarding criminal incidents that occur within the geographical boundries of an institution of higher education.  The state of Florida also mandates similar requirements under the state law.

Please take a moment to familarize yourself with the "Clery Act" and the wealth of information available to you.

For questions, please contact the University's Clery Officers:

Lieutenant Marie Clark
Phone: (850) 644-1940


For Campus Security Authorities ONLY

The form below is for the sole purpose of collecting data for statistical reporting required by the Clery Act.

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