Crime Prevention and Outreach

We have all heard the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth of a pound of cure.” This certainly applies to the philosophy of the Crime Prevention Section. The members of the Crime Prevention Section devise, implement, and deliver educational programs that let all members of the University community—students, faculty, staff, and visitors—know what they can and should so to prevent themselves from becoming victims. It is better, much better, for an individual to take certain common-sense precautions than to suffer the physical, emotional, and financial trauma that occurs when innocent people are victimized by criminals.

Please see below for available training offered by the Crime Prevention Division. If interested in any of the listed training, click the drop down for more information.

Run, Hide, Fight

This one hour training class is led by FSUPD Crime Prevention Officers. It is designed to provide an overview of recent and past active shooter events. This class will provide important lessons learned that may save lives. The training also incorporates videos and hands on demonstrations, with safety in mind, to provide visual examples of the actions one can take to increase their survivability of an active shooter incident.
Topics of instruction include:
-         Overview of FSUPD
-         Active Shooter Statistics
-         The Run, Hide, Fight, Principles of responding to an active Shooter Event 
-         Power of Being Present and Aware of Your Surroundings 
-         Identifying and Responding to Suspicious Persons
-         Law Enforcements response to An Active Shooter or Dangerous Situation 
-         Additional Programs offered by FSU

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Alcohol Awareness and/or Drug Awareness

This presentation is usually presented by your Residential Hall Adopt-A-Copp’s.  The presentation consists of dangers associated with underage drinking, drinking and driving, binge drinking, drug usage, and more.  The officer presenting will provide an overview of local alcohol laws and FSUPD’s efforts to keep campus safe.  This presentation is usually accompanied with the use of FSUPD’s impairment goggles and pedal cart to simulate the effects associated with impairment. (If you wish to use the impairment goggles or pedal cart please request them in the additional details box.)

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FSUPD K9 Demonstration

In this demonstration you will meet one of FSUPD’s newest drug dogs.  The Officer and his K9 partner will explain the process of stopping a car and show how a search of a car is conducted using the K9.  The Officer will provide an overview of laws associated with the use of a K9.  This demonstration is very interactive considering our K9’s love for meeting new friends.

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Tabling Events

The primary function of FSUPD’s Crime Prevention Unit is community outreach.  A way to help FSUPD get out into the community is by giving us an. opportunity to join you at your tabling event.  FSUPD offers safety and instructional information at each tabling event.  FSUPD will also hand out a variety of “SWAG” depending on the theme of the event. FSUPD considers this a great way to meet our community partners and an even better way to get to know our students.

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S.T.E.P. (Safety Through Environmental Presence) Program: (1 hour lecture)

This program is designed to improve an individual's overall awareness of their surroundings, positioning, and the importance of vocalization. This program will provide simple and effective options of self-defense in the event of a violent encounter.  S.T.E.P. goes over safety options regarding self, office, home, driving, dating, social media, and transportation.

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Dating/Dating Violence

A presentation covering sexual violence and dating violence as it pertains to Florida Law and who you can report sexual/dating violence to. Provides information on available resources at Florida State University and an overview of safety tips for one’s self and dating.  

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FSUPD Resources: (30 to 45 minute lecture)

Provides information on safety and security resources at Florida State University.  The topics covered: Emergency Blue Light operations, SeminoleSAFE App features, Everbridge App features, Property Registration, Transportation Services, and safety programs offered at FSUPD. 

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FSUPD Property Registration Demo (30 to 45 minute lecture/demo):

Provides information/demonstration on how to register personal property using FSU Property Registration via desktop or SeminoleSAFE App.  Staff will be available after the presentation should anyone need assistance with registering their property.

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Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Training

R.A.D. is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The R.A.D. system is a comprehensive, women-only course of instruction that begins with awareness, prevention, risk, and risk avoidance. It then progresses to teaching hands-on self-defense training, but it is not a martial arts program.

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Citizen's Police Academy

The FSUPD Citizen’s Police Academy strives to open the doors of the police department to the FSU community and greatly enhance the understanding between FSUPD employees and the campus. The CPA allows members of the FSU neighborhood, who may otherwise only have a limited interaction with FSU police officers, to get an exclusive, inside view of what makes FSUPD and its officers tick. In the same vein, FSUPD employees are afforded an opportunity to develop professional and lasting relationships with their university colleagues. The idea of a Citizen’s Police Academy at FSU is a win-win proposition!

2023 Fall Semester CPA Schedule
September 18 - November 6

Class Topics Include:
Introduction / Use of Force
Crime Scene Investigation
Defensive Tactics / Scenario Training
Vehicle Operations
Traffic Stop / K9 / DUI Investigations
Active Shooter / Critical Incident Response

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Security Assessments

FSUPD’s Crime Prevention Team are certified by the American Crime Prevention Institute and the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute in building security assessments.  This is a complex assessment of staff safety concerns, exterior/interior vulnerabilities, policy, and improvements.  Covered in the final report is visitor management, CCTV coverage, grounds, exterior lighting, exterior/interior vulnerabilities, etc.

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Video Resources

For more information, please contact:

Officer Dan Cutchins

Officer Rob Scavone