• Run Hide Fight

    Learn the Run, Hide, Fight strategy for active aggressor situations in this brief video from the Florida State University Police Department.

  • Citizen's Police Academy

    The Citizen’s Police Academy opens the doors of the Police Department to the FSU community and provides an exclusive, inside view of what makes FSUPD and its officers tick.

  • Seminole Safe App

    Download the SeminoleSAFE App for your device.

  • FSU Main Campus area Crime Map

  • Rave Guardian

    FSU Guardian is a free and optional personal safety service that is available to anyone with a valid FSU ID. Students must be currently enrolled and have started classes to be able to register for the service.

  • R.A.D. Training Classes

    R.A.D. is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women.

  • kNOw MORE Campaign

    Florida State handles sexual misconduct complaints sensitively and discreetly; we are all responsible for providing a supportive environment for those in need and for reporting misconduct.

  • FSU Dispatch

    Dispatchers are the lifeline between the people who require assistance and the police officers who respond on scene.

  • Who is the FSU Police Department?

    The Florida State University Police Department is dedicated to supporting the educational mission of the Florida State University by striving to create and maintain the safest possible environment for its students, staff, and visitors.


FSUPD Headquarters, 830 West Jefferson St, PO Box 3064215, Tallahassee FL, 32306 · Map Location

Florida State University Police Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida State University Police Department is to support the mission of the Florida State University by promoting a safe and secure higher education environment while providing proactive police and customer-related services aimed at reducing crime.

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