Message From the Chief

As the Interim Chief of the Florida State University Police Department (FSUPD), I am dedicated to ensuring that Florida State University remains a safe environment supporting education and research. While crime rates on our campus are generally low, everyone within our community must recognize that no place is entirely exempt from crime. Like any urban area, we encounter similar safety challenges. The FSUPD collaborates closely with our community to mitigate crime and address issues impacting our students, faculty, and staff. The well-being of everyone at the university is a shared responsibility among all Florida State University community members. To effectively engage with and meet the needs of our community, the FSUPD operates around the clock with four twelve-hour shifts each day. Our officers constantly conduct patrols, respond to crime reports, address concerns, and offer valuable safety information and resources. We regularly disseminate this information through various channels, including our Annual Safety Guide, available on this website, and safety presentations at orientations for students and new employees, among other events. Those interested in scheduling a safety talk are encouraged to contact our department. I urge all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to familiarize themselves with the many department resources available to keep you informed. Our officers are committed to your safety and driven to foster and maintain strong community relationships. You are always welcome to visit our headquarters at the corner of Jefferson Street and Woodward Avenue in W.A. Tanner Hall to discuss any security matters that concern you. By engaging with the resources available on our website and becoming informed about our services, you actively contribute to our campus's collective security and safety. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. Sincerely,


Interim Chief Justin Maloy
Chief of Police, Florida State University Police Department

Phone: (850) 644-1234