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Lost and Found

The Lost and Found department is located in the FSU Police Station at Tanner Hall. Between the hours of 8am to 3pm Monday thru Friday. Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors are encouraged to call the Lost and Found department about lost or misplaced articles. You may inquire in person or call 850-644-5960 for more information. Email correspondence can be sent to: lostandfound@fsu.edu email-icon.gif

Lose something? Report it by clicking on the link below and if we have an item that could be a match, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Report Lost Items

Call (850) 644-5960 to identify and claim items (8am-3pm)
Case # Description Location Found Date Found Photo
1905-0090 Cash (Identify amount and denomination) FSU Campus 5/13/19 (850) 644-5960
1906-0083 Drawstring backpack Heritage Grove 6/15/19 (850) 644-5960
N/A KEYS FSU Campus 7/2/19 camera.png
1907-0060 Passport/Cash/Cards  Last name: HOLOHAN Cawthon Hall 7/9/19 (85O) 644-5960
1907-0086 Backpack The Den 7/11/19 camera.png
N/A KEYS FSU Campus 7/16/19 camera.png
N/A KEYS FSU Campus 7/26/19
1907-0128 Speaker Magnolia Hall 7/18/19 (850) 644-5960
1907-0086 Backpack The Den 7/11/19
N/A KEYS FSU campus 7/29/19
N/A KEYS FSU campus 8/5/19
1908-0035 Bag/Clothes Bike Trail 8/7/19
1908-0047 Trek Bicycle Strozier 8/10/19


Bag Stadium Bus Stop 08/14/19
N/A KEYS FSU 8/16/19
N/A KEY FSU 8/21/19
N/A KEYS FSU 8/21/19


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