Citizen's Police Academy

Florida State University Police Department Citizen’s Police Academy

On this page you will learn some basic facts about what our Citizen’s Police Academy is, when the next class is due to launch, and how to get signed up.

Why a Citizen’s Police Academy?

Law enforcement has traditionally thought of itself as a closed society, and some law enforcement officers have even taken pride in the thought of law enforcement as a “brotherhood”, where no one could possibly understand the stresses of law enforcement, except fellow officers.

The FSUPD Citizen’s Police Academy strives to open the doors of the police department to the FSU community and greatly enhance the understanding between FSUPD employees and the campus. The CPA allows members of the FSU neighborhood, who may otherwise only have a limited interaction with FSU police officers, to get an exclusive, inside view of what makes FSUPD and its officers tick. In the same vein, FSUPD employees are afforded an opportunity to develop professional and lasting relationships with their university colleagues. The idea of a Citizen’s Police Academy at FSU is a win-win proposition!

Citizen training


The Florida State University Police Department Citizen’s Police Academy is strongly focused on engaging students actively in the learning process. Students, therefore, can expect the most “hands-on” experience that can possibly provided. Students will be afforded the chance to actually use some of the equipment utilized by the officers of the FSUPD. Students will, more than once, walk in the shoes of FSUPD officers and role-play through several scenarios. We hope the experience will be not only informative, but fun and exciting as well!

The Citizen’s Police Academy is not a “boot camp” where the FSUPD is turning out the next batch of police recruits. Rather, the CPA is presented in a manner focusing on cooperative learning between instructors and students.


The Florida State University Police Academy was established during the Fall Semester of 2004. Classes are held two times during the school year; One during the Fall Semester, and another during the Spring Semester. Class size is limited to no more than 16 attendees, and the fact that we can only accommodate 35% of the applicants is a testament to the success and popularity of the program.



For more information, please contact:

Officer Rob Scavone

Please print, fill out, and return the Citizen's Police Academy Application to the Crime Prevention office located at the Police Department.

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