Surviving an Active Shooter Event


Training to Survive and Active Shooter Event Class Summary  

This one hour training class is led by FSUPD Crime Prevention Officers. It is designed to provide an overview of the FSU Police Department as well as recent and past incidents involving active shooter events. This class will provide important lessons learned that can save lives. The training also incorporates videos and hands on demonstrations with safety in mind, to provide visual examples of the actions one can take to increase their survivability of an active shooter incident.

 Topics of instruction include: 

·         Overview of FSUPD

·         Active Shooter Statistics

·         The Run, Hide, Fight, Principles of responding to an active Shooter Event

·         Power of Being Present and Aware of Your Surroundings

·         Identifying and Responding to Suspicious Persons

·         Law Enforcement's response to an Active Shooter or Dangerous Situation

·         Additional Programs offered by FSU


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