The Florida State University Police Department recognizes that in order to reduce the impact of crime on the campus, it is necessary to build rapport with students, particularly those in residence halls. Through close contact with campus residents in a non-confrontational atmosphere, crime prevention concepts and interactions with law enforcement officers are greatly enhanced. Officers, through their efforts in community policing within residence halls, have become more approachable to residents. This approachability enhances lines of communication between the police and students, thereby facilitating the exchange of information and person-to-person relationships.

In addition, with a noticeable and welcomed police presence in residence halls, the fear of crime can be diminished, while constructive crime prevention measures can be effected. Through intelligence gathered by officers participating in the program, patrol effectiveness and efficiency are further enhanced, particularly regarding any potential activity that might occur in residence halls.

The Adopt-A-C.O.P.P. officers acts as liaisons between the University Police Department and Office of Resident Student Life. Each of the fifteen residence halls has its own Adopt-A-C.O.P.P. officer. In addition, several other universities within the State University System have adopted a similar program modeled after ours.

Adopt-A-C.O.P.P. Officers

For more information, please contact:

Officer Rob Scavone